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Philippines Pinoy reggae
Stylistic origins Reggae, Pinoy rock, Filipino folk
Cultural origins 1990's Cebu, Manila, and Boracay in the Philippines
Typical instruments Bass, drums, guitar, organ, brass instrument and melodica
Mainstream popularity Underground in the 1990's, minor popularity in the 2000's to present.
Other topics
Filipino reggae is reggae music created in the island nation of the Philippines. The country has several bands and sound systems that play reggae and dancehall music in a style faithful to its expression in Jamaica. Reggae in the Philippines comprises the many forms of reggae and its sub-genres, and at times combining traditional Filipino forms of music and instruments in their music.
Cebu, Manila, Quezon and Boracay are some of the cities that reggae has found a base, with many artists residing in these cities and performing at local bars and clubs. The Visayas region of the Philippine islands has had the largest concentration of reggae groups, with the Visayan city of Cebu even being dubbed The Reggae Capital of the Philippines. In Early 2007 Ziggy Marley performed in the MTV Philippines Reggae Fest by the Bay festival in Manila. Marley played with local reggae talents and the big names in Filipino reggae.[1]

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* 3 Reggae Festivals in the Philippines
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[edit] History
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Jamaican Reggae was introduced to the Philippines in the late 1960s, however the first recognized Filipino reggae bands didn't appear until the late 1970s. Cocojam is known as one of the first Filipino reggae bands. Ska also found its place in the Philippines, with many bands forming, especially in the Visayas island region. Places like Cebu and Dumaguete became the hub of Filipino ska. Dub music also found its place within the islands, with bands like Junior Kilat popularising the genre with songs like "Sigbin". Local folklore, tales and traditions were a noticeable influence on songs. The subgenre called dancehall has been popularized in Cebu by Coolie dread and The Microphone Commanders and Powerspoonz. Experimental Reggae is also popularized in cebu by the band Toy Souljahs and Spiritually inspired dub by Roots Revival, both bands are as well from Cebu. Bands like Badjao Roots and Tropical Depression displayed cultural awareness by using traditional instruments in their songs. With the commercial success of groups like Brownman Revival, Tropical Depression and Hemp Republic, the Filipino reggae scene has seen more popularity, to the point that more reggae festivals are being introduced and expanded around the country.
[edit] Notable Filipino reggae artists and producers

* 13 Judges[2]
* Badjao Roots[3]
* Bahaghari[4]
* Bajuyo's Shrub[2]
* Bambu Spliff[5]
* Big Marvin and the Wigiws [6]
* Budbrowniz[2]
* Burnin' Culture[2]
* Clarasbliss[7]
* Cannabis[2]
* Coffeebreak Island[8]
* Coolie Dread and the Microphone Commanders
* Collie Herb[9]
* Crown Royale[2]
* Cocojam[10]
* Diwata Anak ng Tribu[2]
* Domestic Grass[2]
* Enchi[11]
* Gaucho[12]
* Goodleaf
* Hemp Republic[13]
* Herbs[2]
* Island Joe[2]
* Indio I[14]
* Iron Youth[2]
* Junior Kilat
* Kakay[2]
* Kukays Jam
* Lady I
* One Hit Wonder[15]
* Reggae Mistress[4]
* Roots Revival[16]
* Rubadub[17]
* Shrimp & Crabs[2]
* Sidhi[18]
* Skabeche[19]
* Skunky Muggles[2]
* The Superflirts[20]
* Spy[14]
* Tropical Depression[21]
* Tribu ni Kwan[22]
* Urbal[2]
* Who's next[2]
* Xtra Rise[23]

[edit] Reggae Festivals in the Philippines

* Manila Reggae Summit (Manila)
* FĂȘte de la Musique (Manila)
* Bob Marley Day Festival (Cebu)
* Cebu Reggae Festival (Cebu)
* Boracay Reggae Festival (Boracay)
* Kadayawan Roots, Arts and Reggae Festival (Davao)
* Puerto Galera Reggae Festival (Puerto Galera)
* SunSplash Pilipinas! (Manila)
* Kaamulan Festival (Bukidnon)
* 1st Reggae festival at Mall of Asia by the Bay (Manila)

[edit] Reggae Radio Stations
There are a number of Radio stations in the Philippines which play reggae music, although few are dedicated solely to the genre. Below is a list of prominent Reggae radio stations in the Philippines.

* Doobie Nights (JAM 88.3 FM) Saturdays 6 to 10pm ---Roots, Rock, Reggae(Defunct)
* Dread At The Control (DWNU FM) 107.5 FM Thursdays 9 to 10pm
* Radio Boracay (DYJV, Radio Boracay 106.1)
* Onebeat Dancehall Radio Show DWLA (RJ Underground Radio UR 105.9) Fridays 9-10pm

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